Our Leadership

Pastor Becky has been newly appointed to serve as the pastor here at The Vine. She is a graduate of Liberty University (BS Psychology) and the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MDiv.). She has a passion for working together to build bridges that will grow relationships between people - both within the church and within the community. She feels strongly that as Christians we are called to work towards creating "the beloved community" as we show others what loving God can be like. She lives out the calling on her life by keeping God first and working to Love God. Love the People. And Preach the WORD in her actions and deeds. In her free time, Pastor Becky likes to be in nature whether it is hiking or kayaking or walking the dogs. She also loves to be with her family and watch any sports that she can.

You can contact Pastor Becky at her email address:

beckyevanoff@gmail.com or on her phone at 330-871-9712

We function on a One Board Model

Instead of having many committees and meetings, we have one board that is the visioning and guiding body of the church. Your are welcome to speak with anyone on the team, but if you have specific concerns, please see the respective liaisons to the board for your questions or concerns.


Kevin Greiner


Dianne Barker


Gary Gansel and Shelly Aumend


Sue Ciotti and Deb Hall


Tana Russell and Paulette Gansel

Treasurer: Brooke Heter

Secretary: Jan Harry